contoh makalah Bahasa Inggris tentang “GO GREEN SCHOOL AND INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL”

contoh makalah B. Inggris tentang “GO GREEN SCHOOL AND INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL”
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Go green school is an alternative school-based school environment that is growing in Indonesia in hopes can restoring the essential values of human beings in one with nature.
The formation of this school comed of a book titled “Little Girl In Front Window” creation of Toto Chan that call about school in Japan, Tomoe who supposedly founded by Kobayashi.
This school is a school that accepts a variety of unique children. It is very inspiring other countries, including Indonesia itself in an effort to increase the ability of Indonesian children.
International School is one school in Indonesia that standard international that using two languages, Indonesian and English in several fields of study.
This is a government program established by the Ministry of Education National pursuant to law No. 20 of 2003 article 50 paragraph 3 in order to create a quality school.
A. Go Green School/ Natural School
1. Understanding The Go Green School
Go green school is a school with a school-based educational concept of the universe. Natural school helps students grow into the character of students, its a human being capable of  benefited what is available in nature, and is able to maintain a well and loved the nature.
According to Mogensen and Mayar, nature  school is a school that emphasizes environmental education in performing activities of students in the school.
Can also be concluded that the natural school is a form of school education using concept-based alternative universe to help students grow into a man who has a love of nature through teaching and learning method that uses the concept of reality and participate actively in the social environment.
The green school guidelines attention to school maintenance through measure such as computerized district maintenance plant the inventories all equepment including HVAC, lighting, roofing, and control system, end establised annual tasks, with the labor and material requered for their maintenance.
contoh Makalah Bahasa Inggris
contoh Makalah Bahasa Inggris
2. The Establishment of the Natural School Background In Indonesia
There are some people who mention several factors behind the establishment of alternative schools.
According Djohar (in Indratno, 2007), education in the school now just attract people to be selected with not knowing its content and change what happened in it. School as an educational institution can not do anything to improve the education.
School students only pressing, forcing students, students had to memorize something, be disciplined and the other.
Indonesian education also can not be fun students and still feels shackled, because the learning process is not meaningful, education is dominated by the activities of teaching, and others.
In addition, humans will face tremendous problems in the 21st century, such as the increasingly polluted environment, conflict and battle, so that the schools need to teach about life skills such as cooperation, mutual respect, and understanding of global issues.
3. Benefits of Natural School 
According to the Perdana and Wahyudi (2005), teaching and learning in natural schools can growing awareness on children that learning is a fun activity.
Learning in the open nature will create an atmosphere of fun without the pressure and away from boredom.
In addition, the nature of learning in schools using the spider web method, which is a theme integratived in all subjects.
With this method, students not only learn to hear the explanation of the teacher, but also to see, touch, feel, and follow all the stages of each learning.
Activities under taken with full excitement will help your child enjoy the early growth and build a positive picture of life and earth.
According to Deri (2003), students in schools with school that integration with society condition, such as students in the school of nature, have high academic achievement, making students happier, and have a greater desire to participate in caring for the environment.
In addition, Clever (2007) revealed that the activity is carried out outside the room will be healthier, happier, more intelligent, more enthusiasm and curiosity about the larger universe.
With the method of learning while playing in the outdoors, nature school students, according to Loula, a curiosity higher than regular school students.
They also care for others and be more creative. In addition, children businessman skills students are also trained. For example, students are taught how to increase the selling price of goods to beautify the it empackaging.
4. Types of School Activities Nature
There are several types that are in the school of nature, namely:
a) Outbound
This activity aims to train the courage, patience, perseverance, teamwork, and leadership team.
b) Gardening and raising
Gardening is implemented in Green Lab, the laboratory plant in plastic and glass house, complete with garden huts are integrated with garden plots planted with a variety of organic and hydroponic crops.
Gardening activities started in playgroup level until high school that includes planting to post-harvest activities .
Harvest time, students reap the rewards and sell them to people who visit the school of nature. While raising activities filled with raising lives tock, such as goats, chickens, rabbits and fresh water catfish.
c) Outing
It activities outside of school hat is more than recreation that aims to introduce and bring the child in the process and not fixated on results.
d ) Market day
A day where children are taught to do the buying and selling of business and for them. With the aim to foster entrepreneurial spirit (entrepreneurship) in students as early as possible .
e ) Hearing
This activity aims to enable students to shed creative ideas held.
f) OTFA (Out Tracking Fun Adventure)
An annual activities the form of joint campling outbound and various outdoor activities. This activity aims to train toughness, strength, independence, responsibility, and dexterity of students.
g) Open house
Is an annual event when every student gets the role played host to invited guests who attended the school to see the progress of nature school .
5. Learning advantages in natural school
School methodical nature is a form of alternative education that uses nature as the main media student learning. Here, children learn from all the beings in the universe.
In the concept of natural education, there are 3 functions:
– a Nature as a classroom
– b Nature as media and teaching materials
– c Nature as an object lesson
6. The  advantages and deficiency children studying in nature school.
Those advantages are:
  1. Children, not only in theory, but can be experienced first-hand knowledge learned.
  2. Abandon the conventional learning system, which teachers and students get the knowledge explained only by relying on guide books.
  3. The classroom is open or not imprisoning children inside 4 side walls.
Deficiency of school children with nature is a visual learning style will be easily distracted by something that weighs move .
School of natural advantages by Satmoko Budi Santoso is :
  1. Freeing children creative desire to find his own talent .
  2. The concept of learning in a way he can make a child’s play unencumbered . Targeted at schools not as strict nature formal school because for more focused to search advantages or skill possessed child
  3. Teachers who are graduates of state universities are expected to have adequate knowledge of education and self-reliance , has good morals , creative , innovative , and capable of being a good partner for the child .
  4. The method is applied tend to think with the logic of the curriculum in the form of 40 % theory and 60 % in the form of practice .
  5. Prepared the book as a reference supporting the students .
  6. Teachers are required to continue to learn , be it learning from students or from other teachers . Because basically , all beings are obliged to learn .
  7. Equipped with a variety of trees surrounding
  8. Learning material tailored to the competency curriculum at regular intervals and carefully programmed. For example , the empire farming activities carried out as a lesson in biology . In addition to farming was introduced way , teacher can also understanding the students about the English language materials that introduce the names of plants .
  9. To measure student innovation , then in 6 months an evaluation .
7. Curriculum
Basically, natural school curriculum is also based on formal schools or other private schools.
Globally, the curriculum covers:
a. Creation of good morals
b, Mastery of science
Although school-based learning curriculum in nature, students are also required to master sufficient knowledge.
c. Creation adequate understanding of leadership
Nature school is committed to always try to create an adequate understanding of leadership. Formed and directed the students to be innovators who have leadership skills, which lead socially (group) and lead yourself with all the positive behavior, responsible and knight.
B. International School /SBI
1. Definition
SBI is in general schools or islam school that have full national standards of education and enriched by reference to state educational standards one member of Organization for Economic Development (OECD) or speciffic country with excellence in education that have competitiveness in international forums.
According to Government Regulation No.17 of 2010 Article1states that:
International education is education that was held after fulfill   Nasioanal Education Standards and enriched with educational standards of developed countries.
2. Background
The policy background of international schools (SBI) is:
  1. In the 90’s, many schools established by a foundation using internasioanal but no clear identity and quality standards.
  2. Many parents are capable in economic, send their children abroad (other countries).
  3. There is no legal frame work governing the organization of international schools
  4. The need to build quality schools as the education center of excellence.
  5. As a great nation, Indonesia needs international recognition of the quality of the educational process and outcomes.
3. Characteristics of international schools 
a Characteristics vision
International school’s vision is to create intelligent beings Indonesia and internationally competitive. This vision describes the goals of international education models that embody intelligent beings and competitive Indonesian or international competitiveness has.
b Essential characteristics
1) Accreditation
Have accreditation A of BAN-accredited schools and islamic school. Additional accredited from one of the accrediting agencies of OECD (Organization for Economic Development) or other developed countries that have excellence in education.
2) Curriculum and competency
  1. Applying KTSP, which introduced a system of academic administration based information and communication technology (ICT) in which every student can access their transkip respectively.
  2. Meet the content standards, the teaching load equivalent to or higher than the charge of one of the top schools OECD countries or other developed countries.
  3. Meet SKL, is applying graduation standards equal to or higher than the SNP and won medals at the international level competencies science, math, technology, art and sports.
  4. Establish semester credit units (credits) for high school, and vocational school (SMK) .
3) Learning process
  1. the subjects in all subjects has become a reference for other schools.
  2. The learning process has been enriched with a model of one of the top schools OECD countries or other developed countries.
  3. Implement ICT-based learning process in all subject
  4. Learning in science subjects, mathematics and other uses on the subject except Indonesian Language.
4) Appraisal
The scoring system is enriched with a rating system of one of the top schools in the country among 30 OECD member  countries or other developed countries
5) Educator
  1. Teachers of science, mathematics and technology capable of teaching the English language
  2. All teachers are able to facilitate ICT-based learning
  3. At least 20% of the S2/S3 educated teachers college accredited program of study A.
  4. SBI educators can employ foreign nationals at 30% of the total educator and able to speak Indonesian well
6) Leader school
  1. S2 minimally educated principals of colleges that have accredited A of study program
  2. The school principal has taken the school principal training that is recognized by the government.
  3. Principals are actively able to speak English.
  4. The school principal has the international vision, able to build international networking, managerial competence and leadership skills
7) Infrastructure
  1. any classroom equipped for ICT-based learning
  2. has been equipped with a digital library that provides access to ICT-based learning resources worldwide.
  3. Equipped with multimedia, performance art and culture, sports facilities, clinics, dal others
c Characteristics of quality assurance
1) Input
International standard school input characteristics are:
  1.  It has been accredited by an accreditation body of OECD countries or other developed countries.
  2. a higher standard of graduates
  3. The number of teachers at least 20% of the S2/S3 education courses accredited and able to speak English active, So also it is with the leader school.
  4. New students (intake) strictly selected through a sieve report cards elementary / junior high school final exams, the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), physical health, and interview. Students should have the intellectual potential of superior intelligence, emotional, and spiritual
2) The process of learning
  1. Pro-change, which is a process of learning that can foster and develop creativity, innovation, reasoning, and experimentation to discover new possibilities
  2. Implement active learning model, creative, effective, and fun.
  3. Implementing ICT-based learning process in all subjects
  4. The process of learning to use English in particular on the subjects of science, mathematics, and technology. As for the SD, introductory english began since the fourth grade.
  5. The assessment process uses superior school assessment model of  OECD member countries or other developed countries.
  6. Using the international management standards, which implement and achieve ISO 9001 version 2000 or later and ISO 14000, and establish relationships with international schools overseas.
3) Output (product)/SBI graduate
Namely the ability of national plus international standard in Indonesia show by SNP mastery and mastery of key skills needed in a global era. Characteristics areas follows:
  1. Graduates can go on to study a class of international both domestically and abroad.
  2. Can work in international organizations or other countries.
  3. Achieve medals at various international level competencies science, mathematics, technology, arts and sports
Nature school is a school that has the concept of nature-based education where children are given the freedom to learn to discover their talents and character.
Natural schools also educate children to benefited and preserve what is there in nature, creating good moral man, knowladge, and social groups and can lead themselves.
This school learn to student that study is easy if does with happy feeling and will have positife impact.
Along with the development of the times, Indonesia complete the education also with sparked international schools who will be creating a generation more advanced.
This school is prioritizing students’ skills in creating new innovations that are superior to rival or be aqual with other developed countries.
News student and teacher have strictly selected, with the result that hopen be intelectual man, emotional and spiritual in outcome. The manage system rifer on the one OECD countries or other develop countries.
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